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New Screens Dec 2015
Hi All!

New Screens Dec 2015


(We are working on the game mecanics, but as soon as we have something to show we will ofc put that up.)

[Image: PS4kU7O.jpg]

[Image: HEg5fZw.jpg]

[Image: JhQpsUy.jpg]

[Image: nnW2JZC.jpg]

[Image: JqNPdKL.jpg]

[Image: W6SzHQN.jpg]

[Image: EcbM4jS.jpg]

[Image: cYJqqGT.jpg]

MVM / Aka Broad0000
teach me Senpai!
Shiny, that's all I have to say. Really looking forward to seeing some of the game mechanics when they're ready too. You've been showing us eyecandy for too long! Not that I mind... more please?

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