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Development stories #1
And here it is! The first devlog in this wonderful new site!

I am going to give you a small update on what we are working on, but first I would like to bring to your attention several things. As some of you have probably noticed, we are changing a lot of things:
  • Carune is no longer your typical MMO, hobby project of a group of ex MMO players.
  • The team has been shortened significantly, tighter control, faster decisions, clear chain of command.
  • A moment of honesty, realistically how much can a small group of 2-3 programmers and 2 world builders can do to create a full blown MMO that had no clear vision.
  • Carune is now oversimplified, simple fighting mechanisms based on correct combination of skills, focus on dynamic world mechanics, priority in AI companions, open world full of secrets and dungeons for you to explore and the ability to build your own legacy together with your friends instead of flashy skills, moves, static content and other things games such as WoW has to offer.
  • Our new concept will be revealed later (probably together with a trailer).

The above statements will probably give you a hint on where this project is heading.

Luckily for us when we started becoming active in this project we found out that the engine that we used before has resolved one of the biggest technical obstacles we ever had, which is landscape paging, this feature allows us to create massive landscapes which are paged and loaded as parts. Imagine a landscape that requires you more than several days to explore, we can't wait to show you what MVM is doing right now! Another thing that is worth noting is that I  am currently developing an Online World Editor, which will allow us to build the world of Carune in real time - directly on a running game server. One of the features i am also working in parallel with everything else is : dynamic scene Occlusion Culling, a very important optimization that will help the players suffer as less FPS loss as possible. At the moment we have a  working CPU OCC solution based on Intel's demo even though its a bit troublesome to import into NeoAxis. Hopefully, the procedure of importing this OCC solution will be finished soon, even though we have other priorities (re-write servers to allow this new world editor). Speaking of servers, we are using a TCP based protocol developed by me 1 year ago, which allows the deployment of servers with only a few lines of code. Another very interesting thing is the new Ogre3d version (2.1) i cannot wait for it to be finished, OpenGL 3+ rendering will be a huge leap forward, performance-wise. Even though I do not expect it to be imported into NeoAxis until the end of the summer.  Idea

I have tried to keep the details out in order to provide you with a summary of some of the things that we are currently considering as well as some general implementation information. More technical as well as visual (graphics, art, map, towns, etc) devlogs will follow.


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